Autoflagger 76-X Portable Flagger w/ Signs


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The AutoFlagger has been field tested and been in use since 1996 by MnDOT. This simple to operate, rugged system increases flagger safety by allowing a single person to remotely operate 2 signs from a convenient vantage point between the signs. Flashing side amber and top red strobes give positive feedback to the operator and workers within the work zone about each sign’s message.

An easy to use, weatherproof handheld wireless remote control operates the signs and also displays the status of each sign. The remote control and each sign contain RF transceivers so that each command sent to the sign is continuously monitored and the sign’s display is verified on the remote control. A microprocessor in the remote control assures that it is not possible to allow both signs to display ‘SLOW’ simultaneously without taking deliberate reprogramming steps.

Worker safety is enhanced since the operator can select a safe location in the work zone that gives the operator a clear view of all aspects of the work zone. The operator can observe the flow of vehicles at both ends of the zone, monitor the crew members’ positions, and adjust the flow of traffic to allow for the entry and exit of construction equipment. Emergency horns on the signs can be activated by the operator to alert workers and motorists of potential danger.

Each sign conforms to the mandatory octagonal silhouette, while the rotatable sign heads achieve a slim profile for easy transport. The sign heads are fully enclosed and protected against weather, dust and dirt. Retroreflective 36″ 3M Diamond Grade signs, a red signal face, red and amber strobes, a large physical presence and auxiliary lighting at night help motorists quickly and easily recognize that a flagging operation is in effect.

Overall Length67″
Overall Width65″
Weight1,300 lbs.
Operating Height141″
Transport Height105″
Shipping Height105″
Tire SizeST205/75-14C
PaintSafety Orange/Black
Sign Head Lift12vdc Linear Actuator


Safe operation of one or two signs remotely by a single operator.
Smart technology prevents both signs from displaying ‘SLOW’ simultaneously.
Large, high-visibility signs and overall mast height alert motorists that flagging is in effect.
Visual feedback from both the handheld transceiver and side/top strobe lights.
Easy one person set up. Trailers nest and lock together for towing as a single trailer.
1 mile plus RF range.
Rugged, weatherproof design.
3 year warranty.

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