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The Metabo HPT VB3616DA 36V MultiVolt™ Portable Rebar Bender/Cutter (4.0Ah x 2 + Charger) is the industry’s first cordless rebar bender/cutter, based on the AC powered rebar bender/cutter, the VB16Y. The VB3616DA’s cutting and bending performance is even greater than that of the VB16Y, thanks to its DC fan-cooled brushless motor and ultra-capable MultiVolt™ 4.0Ah battery. This tool can be used cordless OR corded when paired with the ET36A AC Adapter (sold separately).

  • It’s Cordless, It’s Corded, It’s BOTH!
  • Run cordless when on the go or plug-in the AC Adapter and save batteries when AC power is available
  • Pays for itself in time saved and reduced labor costs
  • Approximately 270 cuts and 520 bends at 90° of #5 rebar per charge using 4.0Ah MultiVolt™ Battery
  • Quickly cuts #5 rebar in less than 3 seconds
  • Capable of bending 1 piece of #5 rebar, 2 pieces of #4 rebar, or 3 pieces of #3 rebar at once
  • Includes (2) 36V MultiVolt™ 4.0Ah Batteries and rapid charger with USB port

Get a free Metabo 1-9/16″ 36V Cordless rotary hammer model DH36DMAQ included with your order when you purchase a Rebar Bender/Cutter Kit – model VB3616DAM (battery & charger not included) – while supplies last.

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  • Extreme Performance – Cuts approximately 270 pieces of #5 rebar per charge and bends approximately 520 pieces of #5 rebar at 90°per charge with MultiVolt 4.0Ah battery
  • Fast Cuts – Quickly cuts #5 rebar in less than 3 seconds with ultra-capable brushless motor
  • Powerful Bends – Bends up to #5 rebar in a matter of seconds. Bend 1 piece of #5 rebar, 2 pieces of #4, or 3 pieces of #3 at once
  • Dual Power Convenience – Power with the MultiVolt battery for use anywhere or rely on the MultiVolt AC Adapter with cord when outlet power is convenient to save battery life (AC Adapter sold separately)
  • User Safety – Increased user safety with dual-step trigger and deflection guard
  • Brushless Motor Technology for more run-time, increased power, and extended durability with essentially no maintenance
  • The VB3616DA combines the dual power options and portability of the MultiVolt™ platform with the consistent, powerful performance of the AC-powered VB16Y
  • Convenient color-coded angle adjust dial allows users to set accurate bend angle up to 180° for up to #5 rebar
  • Replaceable center rollers for bends of differing diameters
  • UL Certified

Battery & Charger Technology

  • The MultiVolt™ Rebar Bender/Cutter accepts a MultiVolt battery that delivers 4.0Ah of runtime at 36V in MultiVolt tools
  • Battery can also power Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V slide type tools, including cordless nailers generating an impressive 8.0Ah of run time for increased flexibility and multipurpose use
  • With a 36V MultiVolt battery it’s never been easier to tackle any cutting job, anywhere, with the power you need
  • Higher capacity battery cell technology with 21700 cells that deliver over 1,440W of power – roughly 46% more capacity than a standard 18650 cell battery resulting in longer runtime and increased power output
  • 4-Stage fuel gauge located on the face of the battery to make it easier to monitor the charge status
  • MultiVolt battery pack is compact and lightweight at only 2.1lbs, eliminating and added bulkiness or weight
  • Multiplex Protection Circuit in the battery communicates with the tool and charger preventing from over-load, over-charge, and over-discharge to improve safety and ensure a long battery life
  • MultiVolt battery charges in 52 minutes using the UC18YSL3 charger
  • Charger has a built-in USB port that can charge USB enabled devices
  • Charger will also charge Hitachi and Metabo HPT 18V slide type batteries in addition to MultiVolt batteries

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