Spectra GL422N-14 Dual Grade Laser w/CR700 Receiver


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The Spectra Precision GL422N Dual Grade Laser was designed for a wide range of general construction, site preparation, and excavations. This ruggedized, automatic slope laser provides contractors with accurate leveling, grade, and vertical alignment. With a working range of up to 2,600 feet, it has a grade capability of –10 to +15 percent on both axes. The GL422N is also self-leveling horizontally and vertically within ±5 degrees and has an accuracy of ±1/16 inch per 100 feet. For anchor bolt and form alignment, it self-plumbs in the vertical position and can be mounted on a 5/8-11 tripod thread vertically or horizontally.

The Spectra RC402N full-function remote control offers an easy to use menu-driven interface. With a working of up to 330 feet, this radio remote gives the ability to make long-range grade changes and automatic alignments. The Spectra GL422N has an out of level alert that shuts off the grade laser if it is knocked out of place to prevent inaccurate readings. It also has a selection of sensitivity for accurate results even in high winds or on high vibration job sites.

With an IP66 rating, this laser level is dustproof and can be used in heavy rain. It can also withstand drops of up to three feet onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to five feet. This slope laser uses NiMH batteries and works up to 35 hours of continuous use.

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  • GL422N Dual Grade Laser Transmitter
  • CR700 Machine Mount or Rod Mount Receiver
    • with C70 Rod Clamp and C71 Magnetic Machine Mount
  • RC402N Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charger
  • Small Carrying Case
  • Multilanguage CD, Quick user guide and Safety Instructions
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Leveling concrete forms and footers.
  • General construction vertical alignment and plumb such as anchor bolt and form alignment.
  • Grading and excavating.
  • Concrete sections with runoff for sports fields, tennis courts and driveways.
  • Steep slope road embankments and ditch banks.
  • Parking garages, ramps and drainage.


  • Automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling
  • Up to 2,600-foot range with laser receiver
  • ±1/16 inch accuracy at 100 feet
  • Self-leveling within ±5 degrees
  • Vertical plumb alignment
  • Dual grade from –10 to +15%
  • Includes laser detector
  • Long range RC402N radio remote control (optional)
  • Ideal for machine control applications
  • Survives a drop up to 3 feet onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to 5 feet
  • Graphic LCD display and keypad
  • Up to 35-hour NiMH battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP66
  • 5/8-11 tripod thread
  • 5-year warranty


Spectra Precision GL412N Single Grade Laser SPECIFICATIONS
Leveling Accuracy± 1.5 mm/30 m
1/16″ @ 100 feet
10 arc seconds
Operating Diameter800 m
2,600 feet
Grade Range-10% to +15% Single Axis
Rotation300, 600 rpm
Laser Typered diode laser 650 nm
Laser ClassClass 2, <3.4 mW
Self-Leveling Range±5° (±9%)
Leveling IndicatorsLCD indications and LED flashes
Radio Range with HL760up to 330 feet
Power Source10.000 mAh NiMH battery pack
Battery Life35 hours NiMH
50 hours Alkaline
Operating Temperature-4°F to 122°F
Storage Temperature-4° to 158°F
Tripod Attachments5/8 x 11 horizontally and vertically

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