The Smith Family

Woman catches big Cross Lake bass, refuses to touch it for photo

Jeffrey Smith, Syracuse, holds an impressive 22-inch largemouth bass that was caught and released recently on Cross Lake.

It's not his fish, though...

His wife, Mary, actually landed the lunker with her pink fishing pole by casting a lure from their dock. After she landed the fish, Jeffrey took it off the lure. He measured it and wanted to get a picture of his wife holding the fish. She refused to touch it.

"I told her we're not going to release this without taking a picture, so I held it and she took the picture," he said.

Smith, who is president of a construction supply business, said the photo of him holding the fish sits on his desk at work.

"She's a little upset that everyone thinks I caught it," he said. "It's kind of a joke. Either way, that's a big bass for Cross Lake."