ChemMasters Vexcon Certi-Vex Penseal 244 100%


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CERTI-VEX PENSEAL 244 100% is a high performance, 100% solids, surface applied, low-VOC, clear penetrating water repellent silane sealer for concrete. When properly applied the treatment does not produce a surface build up, darkening or other effect on the color or texture of the surface leaving a natural appearance. The material’s small molecular structure allows for maximum penetration into new concrete (14 day minimum) or existing concrete surfaces.

Certi-Vex Penseal 244 100% prevents the penetration of water, salts and deicing chemicals, protecting the concrete from costly surface damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, scaling, spalling, corrosion of structural rebar, wind driven rain, airborne contaminants and other severe weather conditions.


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  • Horizontal or vertical, exterior cured concrete
  • DOT, commercial, industrial, municipal and residential applications
  • All types of concrete flatwork, parking lots and structures, driveways, plazas, patios and walkways.
  • Bridge and parking decks, median barriers, ramps, pavements and marine structures
  • Building facades and balconies


  • Extends the life of concrete
  • Long term protection against salt corrosion, deicing chemicals, mildew, water, wind driven rain, airborne contaminants, surface spalling from freeze/thaw cycles and other extreme weather conditions
  • Reduces corrosion of rebar and surface erosion in reinforced concrete
  • Highly breathable
  • Apply in temperatures down to 20° F (-7° C)

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