ChemMasters ChemPlug – 5 Gal


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ChemPlug is a fast-setting, expansive hydraulic cement and is compounded to withstand continual exposure to water, even under pressure. It is cement based, fills and seals the pores and voids of the concrete or masonry surface.


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  • Industrial, commercial, residential, electrical or plumbing applications, above or below grade.
  • Stop water flow through cracks and holes in concrete and masonry surfaces, even active pressure leaks.
  • Leaks in basements, foundations, sewer pipes and manholes.
  • Emergency repair of ruptured water pipe, damaged boat hulls and other surfaces.
  • Swimming pools, cisterns, troughs, under water repairs, silos, tunnels, sewers, elevator pits, electrical vaults.
  • Watertight seals around conduit, gas and water lines through walls.


  • Sets under water to stop leaks immediately.
  • Does not deteriorate under continuous exposure to water.
  • Sets rapidly for emergency repairs with minimal downtime.
  • Available in a winter weather formulation for speedy repairs at low temperatures.
  • Slightly expansive with high compressive strength for durable repairs
  • Economical to use, does not require special tools or procedures, mixes with water.

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