ChemMasters Safe-Cure ClearDR w/Red Dye – 5 Gal


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Sold in Store Only

Clear, Water-Based, Dissipating Resin Concrete Curing Compound.

Safe-Cure ClearDR is a clear, water based resin curing compound for concrete. Safe-Cure Clear efficiently cures concrete and then decomposes rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet light, sunlight, and abrasion. Safe-Cure ClearDR is a V.O.C. compliant alternative to solvent based dissipating resin cures.


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  • Curing interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces
  • Floors scheduled to receive subsequent treatments of dustproofers, liquid hardeners and densifiers or penetrating water repellents
  • Slabs designated for polymer coatings, such as epoxies or urethanes, paints, sealers, thin set mortars or floor covering adhesives
  • Walls where a waterproof or decorative coating will be applied


  • Excellent moisture retention for proper curing
  • Protects slabs from construction dirt and stains
  • Economical and easy to apply with standard equipment
  • Milky white during application for gauging proper coverage rate
  • When cured, amber color aids in assuring complete removal of membrane

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