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Siltsack® is a sediment control device used during construction that mounts under the grate in catch basins. Siltsack® is
made of a permeable geotextile that allows water to pass but prevents silt and sediment from clogging the drain system.
Siltsack1 sediment control device is manufactured by ACF Environmental, Inc.2 and shall be manufactured from a specially
designed woven polypropylene geotextile manufactured by SI Geosolutions3 and sewn by a double needle machine, using
a high strength nylon thread.
Siltsack will be manufactured to fit the opening of the catch basin or drop inlet. Siltsack will have the following features:
two dump straps attached at the bottom to facilitate the emptying of Siltsack; lifting loops as an integral part of the system
to be used to lift Siltsack from the basin; a restraint cord approximately halfway up the sack to keep the sides away from
the catch basin walls. The yellow cord is also a visual means of indicating when the sack should be emptied. Once the
strap is covered with sediment, Siltsack should be emptied, cleaned and placed back into the basin.
Siltsack – Regular Flow seams shall have a certified average wide width strength per ASTM D-4884 standards of 165.0

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